Wide range of options

DistriCool – a large range of options

A number of very practical personalised options for all involved professional end-users: fishmongers, domestic caterers, florists,  butchers, cheesemongers, etc.

Some examples:

  • Plant-on lashing rails in aluminium, stainless steel and galvanised steel

  • Lashing rings in floor
  • Five bar tread plate floor and wear plates
    Five bar tread plate floor and wear plates
  • Reinforcements for shelving
  • Inserts for shelves
    Inserts for shelves
  • Wheel arches for double wheelsRear wheel archesrear_wheel_arches
    Double wheel arches
  • Spare wheel cover


  • Wide range of possible floor finishes:

    Rice corn aluminium tread plate on floor
    PolyRice: Polyester floor finishing with anti-skid rice corn pattern

  • Syphon in floor


  • Partition walls
  • FRC deepfreeze door
  • Interior light
  • With floor finishing
  • PolyGrip floor finish
    PolyGrip floor finish
  • Alternative PolyGrip blue colour
    Alternative polygrip colour
    PolyGrip blue colour
  • Strip curtains
    strip curtain
  • etc.


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